Terms & conditions

Refund policy, 

In the event of cancelation of events we try to be as be as flexible as possible, please read our refund policy below.

We are really sorry if you can no longer make the event. Are you absolutely sure you can’t make it? We do appreciate that sometimes events occur beyond your control and plans have to change. 

You have two options open to you if you have purchased a Gold Pass.

* Name changes/deferral must be applied for no later than 72hrs before the event. Any later or post event requests will not be considered. 

* If you require a simple name change, please follow the instructions below.

NB: these can be done up to 72 hrs before the start of the event, as this gives us adequate time to resell that pass.

1. Email us from your confirmation email address (the one you used to book with) and include your name and the name of the person who has purchased your pass. and the date you paid.

2. Within 24 hrs of this, make payment of £6 or £12 depending on which option (bank details below) which covers our admin cost of administering the change. (We recommend the seller pays this only when they have received payment from the third party.) 

For your security we can only transact these changes via email.

Payment can be made by bank transfer or paypal - email to stuart1919@hotmail.co.uk ref name change 

Bank transfer MR S A Mills - sort code 207070 AC 83796876

Paypal direct to stuart191912@yahoo.com

Apologies if this sounds unnecessarily complicated but sadly there are a lot of scammers about so this system is in place in order to protect all involved. Even though many of you are known to us, we need one system in place so that nobody turns up at the door and is turned away. Many thanks for your understanding.

Hotel bookings must be handled by the hotel - we have no involvement in room reservations.  

*If you call the number under accommodation on the website link.

*Please note that if WE have to cancel the event then we will offer a alternative date or a full refund directly to payee. 

When you buy your pass through Paypal we include those charges in our price rather than adding them to the final bill, unfortunately Paypal do not refund their charges and in the event of cancelations we would deduct these from the final refund total. 

If your event is close, you can expect a delay as tickets / confirmations may have been sent out and these will need to be cleared beforehand! please be patient as we are a small team often handling an immense amount of correspondence during larger events. 

Name change payment only available on 

full weekend passes 72 hours prior to event

any payments received later will be returned.

Deferral must be applied for no later than 72hrs before the event.

 Any later or post event requests will not be considered.

any payments received later will be returned.